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Here's what the new Yukusite poem comes with (04.02.0001)

#Yukudemy Product Release Notes
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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

We released the yukusite poem beta on 11/11/2019. Yukusite poem extends Yukusite's capabilities to allow poets and poetesses to craft their work right from their yukusites. This article serves as a release note for the beta version. You can check the same eyrie for other release notes for other versions be it for Yukusite sub-apps or other yukudemy apps.

Release number: 04.02.0001

Remembering it all well, the idea that there are many poets and poetesses out there in the world, and at the same time lack where they can publish their crafts was in silent discussions until we saw some yukusites publishing poems in their eyries. This, of course, prompted a thorough discussion on what should be done about it.  As our design and development philosophy goes –

 If any human needs some technology tool to educate him or herself and share knowledge and skills with other humans, then as the Yukudemy team, we have to work hard to bring such a tool to them at a free cost. 

The end result was that we extend Yukusite to accommodate poem crafting and publications. Therefore in this article (which is equally serving as the release note), I will try to tell you what Yukusite poem is, briefly describe to you how she works, how she relates to the mother Yukusite, and most importantly how it fits with the Yukusite author’s work. I have organized the notes in the form of release questions, hoping that responding to these questions can make you understand how Yukusite poem fits within the big picture of the Yukudemy mission and vision

What exactly is Yukusite poem?

Yukusite poem is an extension of Yukusite so as to accommodate poetry. The Yukusite poem has two instances: the poem feeds where published poems can be got, and poem authorship, where the poem is crafted by yukusite authors.

How does one craft his or her poems?

All you need is to create your Yukusite. If you don’t know how to do that, you can read this article to get you started. If you already created your Yukusite for your article publication, you don’t need to create a new yukusite; You still use the same yukusite. To put it simply, you work on both articles and poems in the same author’s section.

Once published, will my poems be in the article feeds?

No! Article feeds have been separated from poem feeds. Your article feeds will be available at All you have to know is that poem feeds are located on the address meanwhile article feeds are on ( And you don’t have to cram these addresses: we have already put for you switch links in your navigations. For the first moments, you will just have to read them and follow the prompts.

Are the articles and poems ranked separately?

You got it right! Poem rankings are on the poem feeds landing page ( meanwhile article rankings have remained on This is important so that we can access poems separately from articles. And we also rank yukusites separately based on poems and articles on the same respective pages.

For that case, what changes are now available on the Author’s page?

  • Author profile and eyries preview

The first noticeable change is the shift of eyries preview section from the left sidebar to the right. Also, the space occupied by the author profile has been reduced as a result. There is also a play around with fonts and the background color is changed from white to light. Of course, there’s much shift on how the profile preview section looks like as compared to the previous ones.

  • Navigation bar (top)

There has been a great change in the top navigation bar. The first noticeable one is the items of the bar. They are now all dropdown menu. Of course, this was introduced to accommodate the crafting of poems. For example, clicking on ‘New article’ will open a dropdown with two options: ‘New article’ and ‘New poem’. Site menu has also been introduced which contains dropdown items such as ‘New eyrie, Edit yukusite, eyries, upload new site logo

Will my yukudemian readers be able to react to my poems?

Yes, they will react as touching stories, just as they do as comments for the articles.


Just like any Yukudemy application, the yukusite poem is open. You can find the details on the landing page ( If there are any appreciations, queries and some sort of dilemmas publish them in the comments. I always reply to your comments in 24 hours. Thanks


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Computing Universe

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

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